‘Heer’ is a festive showcase for the modern bride. Inspired by pre-partition Punjab, “a place of composite cultures where traditions and languages transcend religious boundaries”, Heer is a composite indeed, of many worlds. Stunningly gorgeous yet minimalist, this is an ode to a time when weddings were celebrated in grand old havelis surrounded by family and friends, steeped in an atmosphere of shared laughter, gossip and ribaldry. Through a series of images the collection comes across as an exemplary example of intimacy, living in the moment and turning the gaze inwards.

The fashion in this campaign has the ability to tell a story about the person adorning the clothes and breathing life into them. Very beautifully, the style sensibility of Kshitij succceeds in shattering stereotypes of unrealistic ideas of brides and depicts Indian fashion in all its glory, bringing to the foray old World charm of festivity and joy.