Ranveer Singh: The last Bollywood superstar

Sending citizens of the internet into frenzied delirium on its release, Ranveer Singh’s interview for Paper Magazine tore into the cultural fabric of the country and itched the uncomfortable. In a photoshoot creative directed by Kshitij Kanjaria, the Bollywood superstar was made to bare himself, body and mind, to the viewer. The sparseness of the space and the nakedness of the actor leave him vulnerable before the thousands who dictate his success as a performer.

Kshitij’s conceptualisation of the shoot stemmed from the knowledge that Indian audiences are unaccustomed to seeing the male form in its glorious entirety on screens. Singh’s exuberant persona is tamed, even in exhibitionism, as he reveals himself so wholly before the camera with disregard of his physical form being perceived.